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We proudly offer the following services for our clients.

Contract negotiation - By acting on our clients behalf as a mediator to achieve the best possible financial outcome for their careers.

(This will be inclusive of not only contracts but also transfers to and from respective clubs).

Career Management - We will look after every legal aspect of our clients career, thus allowing them to concentrate fully on not only playing Football and being the best they can be, but also enjoy their lives as an Elite athlete.


A big part of our representation and dedication to our clients is finding and securing lucrative endorsement / sponsorships deals.


Organizing TV, radio and digital media appearances as well as providing journalists with access to our clients for interviews and/or news paper columns.


Any other public representation inclusive of but not limited to our clients services.

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Financial and Welfare advice -  Part of our service and dedication toward our clients is to be available to them and offer any form of financial or welfare advice possible that they may find beneficial for they're careers.


We can help you:


* Invest tax effectively

* Choose the most appropriate investment strategy

* Make the most of your super

* Protect your assets

* Protect you and your family

* Plan for retirement